The Chieftain Irish Pub is a great new bar on capitol hill just across from the Seattle University Campus.
We are open at 11am every weekday and 9am on the weekends! Come join us!

    When thinking of Ireland many of us imagine emerald green landscapes, corned beef and cabbage, and dark alehouses where the Guinness is always flowing. But let us not forget the Chieftains of old, who in years gone by watched over their clansmen, courageously protecting their lives and battling beside them. Legends tell of their feats of heroism and strength. One of the most celebrated Chieftains, Brian Boru, held dual titles as “High King of Ireland” and “Emperor of the Irish”. Known for his strategic use of land and sea forces to achieve victory over his opponents he unified Ireland under his leadership, defeating the Norse King Ivar of Limerick in the process.
    Centuries later, Ireland lay divided by the imposing forces of the English. Two leaders would rise and attempt to oust them. The first was Hugh O’Neill. As a young boy Hugh was taken by the English who, underestimating the loyalty of Irish blood, hoped to assimilate him into their culture and then reinstate him as an Irish leader loyal to the Crown. Eventually he was returned to Ireland. Meanwhile, at the tender age of 15, Red Hugh O’Donnell was also captured by the English and imprisoned for five years, until he made a daring escape. He was nearly frozen and close to death when he was found by his Irish countrymen. After being reunited with his family and crowned Chieftain he formed an alliance with Chieftain Hugh O’Neill. Their close bond was the driving force behind the Nine Years War, and was only severed by Red Hugh’s death.
    Irish Chieftains were the respected leaders of their people in the counties of Ireland and were held in high regard. So, today let’s take a moment to raise a pint in honor of the Chieftains of Ireland with this old Irish toast:

“Here’s to a long life, and a merry one; a quick death, and an easy one;
a pretty girl, and an honest one; a cold beer – and another one!”

Peter and Adriana Proprietors